Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is the Sol-A-Ray panel?
A. The Sol-A-Ray panel is an encapsulated, thin-film solar cell with self-adhesive backing.

Q. Is the Sol-A-Ray panel available in other shapes and sizes?
A. Yes! The Sol-A-Ray panel integrates an attractive solar cell into your individual product design. This can be a corporate logo, emblem or whatever you can dream up.

Q. Are any other backer materials available?
A. Sol-A-Ray is also available with a variety of substrates including magnetic or fabric backing.

Q. Can Sol-A-Ray power my product?
A. Sol-A-Ray panels are available in a wide range of voltage and current configurations. Use our "Solar Requirements Calculator" to determine exactly how large your panel needs to be. Typical panels range from 3VDC to 15VDC with output currents up to 200mA. Additional, custom power levels are also available.

Q. How can I connect the Sol-A-Ray panel to my product?
A. A single cable exiting the rear of the Sol-A-Ray panel provides a simple connection to any application.

Q. What is the life expectancy of a Sol-A-Ray panel?
A. Under normal conditions the typical life span of the panel exceeds ten years.