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A Sol-A-Ray Solution for A.R.E. Accessories, LLC


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SUPERB Industries, Inc., developer and manufacturer of the Sol-A-Ray system, partnered with A.R.E. Accessories, LLC, a major manufacturer of truck caps and fiberglass tonneau covers, to introduce the industry’s only completely wireless, solar-powered keyless entry system.

The Problem
Truck owners wanted the convenience of remote keyless entry on their tonneau covers, but installation of such a system presented a wiring challenge to A.R.E. dealers.

The Solution
The SUPERB Product Design Engineering team developed a solution based on Sol-A-Ray technology. The solution is a completely wireless, solar-powered keyless entry system that visually appeals to consumers.

The A.R.E. Sol-A-Ray solution consists of three components:

Solar power cell

• Sleek, low-profile, flexible solar panel
• Self-adhesive, automotive grade backing
• Extremely efficient even in off-angle and low-sunlight conditions
• Rugged, polyurethane outer layer for extreme weather conditions

Interior Console

• Houses the wireless electronics and rechargeable battery pack.
• Battery lasts for a full month on a single charge without requiring any sunlight.
• Integrates directly with existing 12V locking system
• LED lighting system illuminates when the tonneau cover is raised at night.
• Up to nine key fobs can be taught to a single console.

Key Fob

• Fully encrypted, code-hopping wireless communication
• Stylish appearance
• Range exceeds 100’

About A.R.E. Accessories, LLC

The Sol-A-Ray system is available factory-installed with the purchase of an A.R.E. tonneau cover, or separately as an aftermarket item purchased at an authorized A.R.E. dealer. Based in Massillon, Ohio, A.R.E. has been a leading manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps and hard tonneau covers for the past 38 years. A.R.E. distributes its products through a network of more than 600 independent authorized dealers. Visit www.4are.com

About SUPERB Industries, Inc.

Contact our Product Design Engineering team to discuss your project. Sol-A-Ray technology may be able to provide the power source you are looking for, with a contemporary look that cannot be matched by traditional solar panels.

SUPERB Industries, Inc. Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681 330-852-0500, visit www.superbindustries.com.


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