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Flexible Solar Technology Gives Designers Freedom to Create

Solar energy is not just a hot topic among energy conservationists and environmentalists, but also among product design engineers looking for new ways to add convenience and portability to their products. This can only be accomplished with an affordable, wireless and renewable energy source, such as the sun.

Anything and everything from camping and hiking gear to emergency response equipment can be powered by a solar energy source. There are hundreds of products just waiting to be enhanced for use in a remote environment with the help of this effective, solar solution—just use your imagination.

Sol-A-Ray technology is designed to capture the sun’s energy at off-angles and in low-sunlight conditions, reducing the amount of sun exposure needed to fully recharge the energy storage device. This unique energy source is a superior alternative for all kinds of portable electronic devices.

One of the most exciting features of this patented solar panel technology, is the ability of a design engineer to disguise its presence within a corporate logo, brand ID or other image. The result is a sleek, low-profile decal with a high-tech contemporary look. Sol-A-Ray is a significant improvement over traditional solar panels’ signature design: thick, rigid and unsightly.

Sol-A-Ray technology can even be added to an existing product to provide an on-board energy source, or the technology can be integrated into a future product.

Contact our engineering team to discuss your product idea and we can help you develop a solution that blends seamlessly into your product.



Sol-A-Ray Solar Power Cell
Unique Features & Benefits
Simple peel-and-stick installation
Automotive-grade, permanent adhesive ensures a firm, aggressive hold.
Flexible panel
It can be installed on any smooth surface, whether flat or contoured.
Ultra-thin construction, less than 1/10"
Low-profile supports contemporary design with a high-tech appearance.
Easily disguised
Can be hidden in a corporate logo or image—panel becomes a design element of the product, rather than an eyesore.
Rugged and weatherproof
UV-stable, polyurethane surface protects against cuts and scratches in all weather conditions.
High-efficiency performance
Exceptional performance in low-light conditions and off-angle sunlight.

We would love to hear about your own ideas on how to use Sol-A-Ray.

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