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New Choices In Solar Power

Powerful, Flexible and Design-Friendly

The Sol-A-Ray solar power cell is a patented ultra-thin, flexible, energy source that can be integrated into a myriad of product designs to add convenience and consumer appeal.

Sol-A-Ray’s unique, flexible solar panel adheres to any smooth surface, whether flat or contoured, and is encapsulated in a rugged urethane coating to provide reliable performance even under the most extreme weather conditions.

One of its exclusive features is the ability to disguise the panel with a corporate logo, brand ID or high-tech decal. The result is a sleek, low-profile decal with a high-tech contemporary look—a significant improvement over the appearance of traditional solar panels.

Imagine all the products that could “get-up-and-go“—if they included an inconspicuous energy source.

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One technology, many uses. Sol-A-Ray can be integrated into a vast array of product applications.

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Sol-A-Ray solves the difficult wiring challenge of remote keyless entry on A.R.E's tonneau covers with a completely wireless solution...

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